Berichte des Institutes für Erdwissenschaften der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz/Austria



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Band 15

4. Jahrestagung von NOBIS Austria
2. - 3. Dezember 2010

Ber. Inst. Erdwiss. K.-F.-Univ. Graz, 15, Graz 2010
ISSN 1608-8166


Agatha, S.

Astonishing Diversity of Somatic Ciliary Patterns in Oligotrichid Ciliates (Protista, Ciliophora)

Aubrecht, G.

“Do you know EDIT, CETAF, DEST, EJT, EoL and so on?” Initiatives for the promotion of taxonomy on a European level.

Berning, B., Harmelin, J.-G. & Bader, B.

Long-distance travels with short-lived larvae – the peculiarities of seamount bryozoans

Bilovitz, P.O. & Mayrhofer, H.

Lichenized Fungi diversity of the Balkan Peninsula

Danielopol, D.L., Gross, M. & Minati, K.

How and why to achieve more objectivity in taxonomy, exemplified on a fossil ostracod from long-lived Lake Pannon

Duda, M., Kruckenhauser, L., Haring, E., Harl, J. & Sattmann, H.

Habitat requirements of the pulmonate land snails Trochulus oreinos oreinos and Cylindrus obtusus endemic to the Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria

Foissner, W.

Protists as bioindicators for soil quality

Gamauf, A., Däubl, B., Kryukov, A., Pinsker, W. & Haring, E.

Phylogeography and synchronous diversification of the Corvus corvids of the world

Greimler, J.

Crypitc diversity in European Gentianella section Gentianella (Gentianaceae)

Gross, M. & Piller, W.E.

Linking high-resolution environmental analyses and taxonomy: A case study on ostracods in deep time

Haider, M., Liesinger, K., Hörweg, C., Pecavar, V., Walochnik, J. & Sattmann, H.

Determination of the prevalence of Fascioloides magna (BASSI 1875) and other digenetic trematodes in Galba truncatula (O.F. MÜLLER 1774) in the area of Orth/Danube (Lower Austria)

Harl, J., Kruckenhauser, L., Sattmann, H., Duda, M. & Haring, E.

Phylogeography of the East-Alpine members of the landsnail species Orcula dolium (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Orculidae)

Harzhauser, M., Newman, W.A. & Grunert, P.

The roots of sea-turtle fouling barnacles (Chelonibiidae, Cirripedia, Balanomorpha)

Hasanacevic, D., Blaschitz, M., Rehak, S., Indra, A. & Walochnik, J.

Discriminating Legionella, atypical mycobacteria and Acanthamoeba using a MALDI biotyper

Heethoff, M., Laumann, M., Weigmann, G. & Raspotnig, G.

Integrative taxonomy: Combining chemical, morphological and molecular data for delineation of the parthenogenetic Trhypochthonius tectorum complex (Acari, Oribatida, Trhypochthoniidae)

Kern, A.K., Harzhauser, M., Soliman, A., Piller, W.E. & Gross, M.

From taxonomy to deep time resolution: decadal scale Late Miocene vegetation dynamics deciphered from palynomorph assemblages

Kerschbaumer, M., Postl, L., Koch, M., Wiedl, T.& Sturmbauer, C.

Morphological distinctness despite large-scale phenotypic plasticity – analysis of wild and pond-bred juveniles of allopatric populations of Tropheus moorii

Kido, E.

Increase of the corallum in the Silurian rugose coral Idiophyllum (Arachnophyllidae) from the Ningqiang Formation, China

Koblmüller, S. & Leonard, J. A.

The eastern wolf: truths and myths – a molecular perspective

Köck, G.

Biodiversität – Wer soll sie in Zukunft erforschen?

Kroh, A. & Mooi, R.

WoRMS and the World Echinoidea Database

Kroh, A., Mandic, O., Ziegler, A. & Miskelly, A.

Endoparasitic bivalves in Philippine palaeopneustid sea urchins (Echinoidea: Spatangoida)

Kruckenhauser, L., Haring E., Däubl, B. Cadahia, L., Zopp, L. & Sattmann, H.

Population genetics and phylogeography of Cylindrus obtusus (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Helicidae) an endemic of the Austrian Alps

Lerceteau-Köhler, E., Schliewen, U., Kopun. T. & Weiss, S.

Genetic variation in brown trout Salmo trutta across the Danube, Rhine, and Elbe headwaters: a failure of the phylogeographic paradigm?

Liesinger, K., Haider, M., Hörweg, C., Pecavar, V., Walochnik, J. & Sattmann, H.

Microscopic and molecular analyses on digenean trematodes in red deer (Cervus elaphus).

Madeira, P., Kroh, A. & Ávila, S.P

Echinoids from the Late Miocene-Early Pliocene & Pleistocene of Santa Maria Island, Azores

Mayrhofer, H. & Harutyunyan, S.

Lichen diversity of Armenia

Muggia, L. & Grube, M.

Systematics and cryptic species in lichenized fungi

Muggia, L. & Grube, M.

Species evolution in lichen symbiosis: Tephromela atra species-complex as a model study

Muggia, L., Baloch, E., Stabentheiner, E., Grube, M. & Wedin, M.

Photobiont association and genetic diversity of the optionally lichenized fungus Schizoxylon albescens

Neubauer, T.A., Mandic, O. & Harzhauser, M.

Quantifying evolution – paleolake mollusks from the Dinaride Lake System (Middle Miocene, Sinj Basin, SE Croatia)

Rakosy, D. & Paulus, H.F.

Biology and phylogeny of the Ophrys tenthredinifera species group in Crete

Raspotnig, G.

Oil gland chemistry as a source of novel taxonomic characters in glandulate Oribatida (Acari)

Reich, M. & Kroh, A.

Middle Miocene holothurians (Echinodermata) from the Vienna Basin (Austria)

Schuler, H.

The endosymbiont Wolbachia in fruit flies of the genus Rhagoletis: Horizontal transfer and impact in speciation

Soliman, A., Harzhauser, M., Kern, A.K. & Piller, W.E.

Miocene dinoflagellate cysts as links between taxonomy and oil industry

Srivastava, D.K. & Kroh, A.

Clypeasteroid echinoids of the Indian Subcontinent

Spribille, T., Pérez-Ortega, S., Tønsberg, T. & Schirokauer, D.

Mining lichen diversity: systematics as a framework for identifying ‘known unknowns’ in Alaska (U.S.A.)

Suttner, T.J.

What are conodonts?

Übelleitner, B. & Weiss, S.

Morphological and genetic analysis of moss-dwelling tardigrades

Walochnik, J. & Aspöck, H.

Is Babesia still Babesia?

Ziegler, A. & Kroh, A.

Is there independent anatomical support for the Odontophora (Echinoidea: Echinoida)?