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IGCP 596
Opening Meeting
Graz, 19-24thSeptember 2011

Ber. Inst. Erdwiss. K.-F.-Univ. Graz, 16, Graz 2011
ISSN 1608-8166

In Memorial

Groos-Uffenorde, H.G.

Otto H. WALLISER (03.03.1928 – 30.12.2010)


Antoshkina, A.I., Kaneva, N.A. & Königshof, P.

 Carbon isotop geochemistry and clay mineralogy of Lower Famennian deposits in the Timan-northern Ural Region – implications for paleoclimatologic changes.

Ariunchimeg, Ya.

 Carboniferous fossils of Mongolia.

Artyushkova, O.V. & Maslov, V.A.

Devonian Volcanism and Conodont Biodiversity in the South Urals.

Boncheva, I., Sachanski, V. & Becker, R.T.

Sedimentary and faunal evidence for the Late Devonian Kellwasser andd Annulata events in the Balkan Terrane (Bulgaria).

Bultynck, P. & Walliser, O.H.

Extinctions, survival and innovations of conodont species during the Kačák Episode (Eifelian-Givetian) in south-eastern Morocco.

Casier, J-G., Devleeschouwer, X., Maillet, S., Petitclerc, E. & Préat, A.

 Ostracods, rock facies and magnetic susceptibility of the Givetian / Frasnian transition at Ave-et-Auffe(Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium).

Chen, X.-Q. & Suttner, T.J.

 The distribution of Zdimir fauna and age in South China.

Da Silva, A.C., Pas, D., Mabille, C. & Boulvain, F.

Magnetic susceptibility evolution on Paleozoic sedimentary settings, a clue for past paleoenvironments.

De Vleeschouwer, D., Da Silva, A.C., Boulvain F., Crucifix, M. & Claeys, Ph.

Precessional and half-precessional climate forcing of Mid-Devonian monsoon-like dynamics.

Devleeschouwer, X., Casier, J-G., Petitclerc, E. & Préat, A.

Drowning of a carbonate platform at the Givetian/Frasnian boundary (Sourd d’Ave section, Belgium): a comparison of different proxies (magnetic susceptibility, microfacies and gamma-ray spectrometry).

Dojen, C.

 Early Devonian Biostratigraphy with ostracodes: Problems, Progress und Possibilities.

Dojen, C., Aboussalam, S. & Becker, R.T.

Early to Middle Devonian ostracodes from the Western Dra Valley (Morocco): first eventstratigraphical implication.

Gatovsky, Yu.A.

 Late Devonian climatic deterioration on the East European Platform and marine biota reaction on it.

Hubmann, B.

 How much do we already know about biodiversity of the Austrian Paleozoic?

Izokh, N.G.

Biodiversity of Devonian conodonts from the West Siberia.

Joachimski, M.M. & Buggisch, W.

 Climate and Ice Volume History of the Mid-Paleozoic: Insights from oxygen isotope proxies.

Kido, E., Suttner, T.J., Pondrelli, M., Corradini, C., Corriga, M.G., Simonetto, L. & Berkyová, S.

Middle Devonian rugose corals of the Carnic Alps and their relation to the Late Eifelian Kačák Event.

Kiessling, W., Suttner, T. & Königshof, P.M

arine biodiversity dynamics in the mid-Paleozoicc oceans and their potential controls.

Koptiková, L., Hladil, J., Schnabl, P., Skála, R., Slavík, L., Šlechta, S., Böhmová, V. & Št’astný, M.

 The influence of different acid dissolution methods on insoluble residues of limestones and their magnetic properties and mineralogical composition.

Königshof, P., Ernst, A. & Taylor, P.

 Microhabitat complexity – an example from Middle Devonian Bryozoan-rich sediments.

Königshof, P., Savage, N.M., Lutat, P., Dopieralska, J., Belka, Z., Racki, G. & Sardsud, A.

Late Devonian pelagic carbonates in northwestern Thailand: constraints and plate tectonic implications based on a multidisciplinary approach.

Kulagina, E.I.

Taxonomic diversity of the late Famennian - early Carboniferous foraminifers of the South Urals.

Kurihara, T.

Latest Silurian and Early Devonian radiolarian assemblages from tuffaceous rocks in the Tomochi area of the Kurosegawa Terrane, central Kyushu, Southwest Japan.

Kurihara, T., Tsukada, K., Otoh, S., Manchuk, N., Matsumoto, A., Sersmaa, G. & Minjin, Ch.

Late Silurian to Devonian pelagic facies in the Khangai–Khentei belt, Central Mongolia (Central Asian Orogenic Belt) and its radiolarian age.

Liao, J.-C., Valenzuela-Ríos, J.I. & Gouwy, S.

Evaluation of the intended Givetian (Middle Devonian) Substages subdivision in the Spanish Central Pyrenees.

Manchuk, N., Tsukada, K., Hidaka, H., Horie, K. & Suzuki, K.

U-Pb isotopic dating of Devonian radiolarian-bearing Yoshiki Formation in Japan.


Diversity of conodonts in the Lochkovian and Early Pragian (Early Devonian) of the western slope of the Southern Ural.

Narkiewicz, K. & Narkiewicz, M.

Conodont biofacies record of the Givetian transgressive levels in the Lublin and Łysogóry-Radom basins (SE Poland).

Pas, D., Da Silva, A.C., Boulvain, F., Cornet, P. & Königshof, P.

Sedimentology of a continuous Givetian-Frasnian carbonate succession in Sauerland (Germany) and MS comparison with the time-equivalent ones of Ardennes (Belgium) and Moravia (Czech Republic).

Pondrelli, M., Corradini, C., Corriga, M., Kido, E., Simonetto, L., Spalletta, C., Suttner, T.J. & Carta, N.

 Pragian to Famennian depositional evolution of the M. Pizzul area (Carnic Alps, Italy): preliminary results.

Randon, C. & Caridroit, M.

Mississippian siliceous deposits: origin and importance for the estimation of biodiversity.

Savage, N.M., Lutat, P., Sardsud, A., Königshof, P., Racki, G., Dopieralska, J. & Belka, Z.

Late Devonian conodonts and isotope geochemistry, northwestern Thailand.

Streel, M., Caputo, M.V. & Melo, J.H.G.

 What do latest Famennian and Viséan diamictites from Western Gondwana tell us?

Tagarieva, R.Ch.

 Conodont Biodiversity at the F/F boundary interval in carbonate sections of western slope of the South Urals.

Türkmenoglu, A.G., Göncüoglu, M.C., Yilmaz, I.O. & Ünlüce, O.

Preliminary study of Late Middle Devonian Bentonites in Western Black Sea (Zonguldak-Bartin) Region, NW Turkey: a possible link with climate change.

Valenzuela-Ríos, J.I.

 Lochkovian conodonts (Lower Devonian) from the Spanish Central Pyrenees and its potential for a standard subdivision.

Vinn, O., Zatoń, M. & Suttner, T

Devonian to Carboniferous microconchid tubeworms: invasion of fresh-water habitats.

Waters, J.A. & DeReuil, A.A.

Echinoderm Community Evolution in the Devonian and Mississippian.

Yilmaz, I.O., Göncüoglu, M.C., Türkmenoglu, A.G. & Saydam-Demiray, G.

An approach for paleoclimatic conditions for the formation of Lower Givetian ironstones within carbonate platform succession in NW Anatolia.


Suttner, T.J. & Kido, E.

Devonian and Carboniferous of the Carnic Alps.