Berichte des Institutes für Erdwissenschaften der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz/Austria



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Richoz, S., Dietzel, M., Leis A., (eds) :
12th Austrian Stable isotope user group meeting.
Graz, 15th - 16th November 2013

Ber. Inst. Erdwiss. K.-F.-Univ. Graz, 18, 44 p., Graz 2013
ISSN 1608-8166


Oral presentations  

Wolfgang Wanek and  Judith Prommer

Isotopic composition of soluble organic N: an important player in soil N cycling

Claudia Wrozyna, Werner E. Piller, Martin Gross

Stable isotopes in lacustrine ostracods – Calibration of a Neotropical proxy

Pierpaolo Saccon, Albrecht Leis, Alina Marca, Jan Kaiser, Laura Campisi, Michael E. Böttcher, Joël Savarino, Peter Escher, Anton Eisenhauer, Joseph Erbland

Tracing anthropogenic inputs to a lagoon ecosystem by using a combined approach of hydrochemical and stable isotope investigations

Martin Kralik

Water-Isotope Map Austria 2015: Isotope distribution in precipitation, surface water and groundwater.

Till Harum, A. Leis ,C. Reszler L. Schulz, R. Fresner & G. Santner

 Interaction of lakes with local groundwater systems – environmental isotopes as tool for water balance investigations

Anton Eisenhauer

Non-Traditional Isotope Systems: New scientific frontiers for the Earth and Live Sciences

Chloé Pretet, K. Möller, T.F. Nägler, S. Reynaud, E. Samankassou

Barium isotope fractionation in carbonates: ongoing research and future development

Vassilis Mavromatis, L.S. Shirokova, I. Bundeleva, P. Bénézeth, E. H. Oelkers, O. S. Pokrovsky

Tracing cyanobacteria-mediated hydrous magnesium carbonate precipitation using Mg isotopes: Experimental observations and fields studies

Dorothee Hippler, Rob Witbaard, Thomas Nägler and Dieter Buhl

Ca-isotope fractionation in modern and fossil bivalve shell carbonate

Filip Volders, Marian de Reus, Mike Seed, Paul Wheeler, Lutz Lange

Advancement in IRMS

H.J. Jost, Eric Wapelhorst, Hans-Juergen Schlueter, Andreas W. Hilkert

Performance of an isotope ratio infrared spectrometer for simultaneous measurements of carbon and oxygen isotopologues of CO2

Attila Demény, Gy. Czuppon, L.G. Gwalani, K. Rogers

Hydrogen and oxygen isotope analyses of inclusion-hosted waters in fluorites using laser spectroscopy: domination of crustal fluids in the formation of the Speewah fluorite deposit of  NW Australia

Lukasz Pytlak, M.-L. Grundtner, A. Bechtel, R. Gratzer, H.-G. Linzer, D. Groß, R.F. Sachsenhofer, L. Scheucher

Generation and Alteration of Gas in the Austrian Molasse Basin

Florian Mittermayr, Andre Baldermann, Dietmar Klammer, Albrecht Leis, Michael Böttcher, Martin Dietzel

Mechanisms of concrete attack revealed by stable isotopes


Benjamin Bichler, Markus Reischer, Christoph Spötl, Giorgio Höfer-Öllinger, Stefan Wyhlidal

Insights and limitations of stable isotopes in groundwater research: a case study from the eastern side of the Untersberg, Salzburg

Melanie Hager, Andrea Watzinger, Markus Gorfler, Paul Kinner and Thomas Reichenauer

Determination of the 12C/13C and H/D isotopic fractionation during biodegradation of decane in microcosms

Giorgio Höfer-Öllinger and B. Millen

Stable isotope relationships of groundwater and runoff at high altitudes – a case study from the Andean Cordillera, Chile/Argentina

Martin Kralik, S. Wyhlidal2 , F. Asunah & J. Sültenfuß

Water-Isotopes to trace the source and timing of recharge in a fractured granite aquifer in Western Kenya, Africa.

Katharina Schott, S. Wyhlidal, D. Rank, G. Heiss

Analysis of isotopic signals in Danube River water at Tulln (Austria) based on daily grab samples 2012

Walter Schön, Martin Dietzel and Albrecht Leis

Chemical and isotopic composition of soil solutions from cambisols in Styria (Austria) – seasonal variations and experiments

Elisabeth Schwaiger, S. Wyhlidal, J. Hösch, A. Baumgarten, J.G. Zaller

Analysis of drought stress on winter wheat using stable isotope ratio spectrometry (δ13C)

Andrea Watzinger, Marion Huber-Humer, Wolfgang Friesl-Hanl, Markus Puschenreiter, Kerstin Scherr, Andreas P. Loibner, Thomas Reichenauer

ISOMON - Isotope application for remediation, aftercare and monitoring of contaminated sites

Daniel Birgel, Francesco Dela Pierre, Marcello Natalicchio, Xiao-Lei Liu, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, And Jörn Peckmann

Archaeal biomarkers and their compound-specific carbon isotopes record the onset of the Messinian salinity crisis

Ronny  Boch1, H. Cheng, C. Spötl, R. L. Edwards, X. Wang and Ph. Häuselmann

NALPS: Last Glacial climate changes recorded in the northern Alps

Magda Mandić, Andrej Mihevc, Albrecht Leis, Tea Zubin Ferri, Ines Krajcar Bronić


Stephanie Neuhuber, Peter Steier, Susanne Gier, Erich Draganits, Franz Ottner

Stable and Radiogenic Carbon- and Stable Oxygen Isotopes in Authigenic Carbonate from Lake Neusiedl, Austria

Barbara Puhr, Sylvain Richoz, Ralph Schuster, Georg Hoinkes, Beatrix Moshammer

Geochemistry and isotope-chemostratigraphy of medium-grade marbles from the Austroalpine Basement (Eastern Alps)

Markus Reuter, Werner E. Piller, Marco Brandano, Mathias Harzhauser

Correlating Mediterranean shallow water deposits with global Oligocene–Miocene stratigraphy und oceanic events

Sylvain Richoz, Leopold Krystyn, Philipp Heilig, Richard Lein

Progress in integrated Late Triassic carbon isotopic stratigraphy of the Northern Calcareous Alps  

Daniel Thaller, F. Mittermayr1,, A. Baldermann, R. Fischer, A. Leis and M. Dietzel

Crystal water of sufate minerals – fractionation of stable isotopes and its application