Berichte des Institutes für Erdwissenschaften der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz/Austria

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IGCP 596 On-Extended-Term Closing Meeting
Udine, 10-12th October 2016

Ber. Inst. Erdwiss. K.-F.-Univ. Graz, 22, Graz 2015
ISSN 1608-8166


Aretz, M. & Corradini, C.

 The redefinition of the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary: recent developments.

Aretz, M., Denayer, J., Nardin, E. & Poty, E.

Biodiversity of rugose corals from the Famennian to Viséan succession of Belgium: Dynamics and controlling factors.

Carmichael, S.K. & Waters, J.A.

Devonian Anoxia, Geochemistry, Geochronology, and Extinction Research (DAGGER) - new directions from an interdisciplinary research team developed out of IGCP 596 projects.

Corradini, C. & Suttner, T.J.

The Pre-Variscan sequence of the Carnic Alps (Austria and Italy) – Results and highlights.

Dojen, C.

Review on some European, North African and North American Devonian Ostracods.

Jansen, U.

Pridolian–Eifelian brachiopod faunas, palaeoenvironments and events of the Ardenno-Rhenish Massif.

Kido, E. & Suttner, T.J.

FWF P 23775-B17 Late Eifelian climate perturbations: Effects on tropical coral communities.

Königshof, P., Carmichael, S.K., Waters, J.A., Jansen, U., Bahrami, A., Boncheva, I. & Yazdi, M.

Palaeoenvironmental study of the Palaeotethys Ocean: The Givetian-Frasnian boundary of a shallow-marine environment using combined facies analysis and geochemistry (Zefreh Section/Central Iran).

Königshof, P., Narkiewicz, K., Ta Hoa, P., Carmichael, S.K., Waters, J.A., Batchelor, C. & Komatsu, T.

Events in the Mid-Palaeozoic: Examples from the Eastern Paleotethys (Ne Vietnam).

Kumpan, T., Bábek, O., Kalvoda, J., Frýda, J. & Grygar, T.M.

Devonian-Carboniferous boundary in Europe - a multidisciplinary approach.

Liao, J.-C. & Valenzuela-Ríos, J.I.

Givetian (Middle Devonian) Subdivision, Conodont biodiversity and Global Events in the Spanish Central Pyrenees. Preliminary results based on Conodont biostratigraphy.

Munkhjargal, A. & Sersmaa, G.

Late Devonian Trilobites from Western Mongolia.

Pondrelli, M., Corradini, C., Spalletta, C., Suttner, T.J., Schönlaub, H.P., Pas, D., Kido, E., Corriga, M.G., Mossoni, A., Simonetto, L., Pohler, S.M.L., Perri, M.C., Farabegoli, E., Da Silva, A.-C. & Dojen, C.

The geological map project of the Carnic Alps: selected areas with Devonian-Carboniferous sequences.

Sersmaa G. & Ariunchimeg, Ya.

 Devonian and Carboniferous strata of the Baruunhuurai Terrane in Western Mongolia.

Slavík, L., Hladil, J., Valenzuela-Ríos, J.I., Chadimová, L., Hušková, A. & Liao, J.-C.

The Early Devonian sedimentary records, biostratigraphy and petrophysical logs from the key peri-Gondwanan sections and paleoenvironmental implications.

Spalletta, C., Perri, M.C., Over, D.J. & Corradini, C.

The Famennian global conodont zonation.

Valenzuela-Ríos, J.I. & Liao, J.-C.

Lower Devonian Events in the Spanish Central Pyrenees. Preliminary results based on Conodont biostratigraphy.

Waters, J.A.

Climates and Changes in Echinoderm Biodiversity in the Mid-Palaeozoic – IGCP 596 and Assembling the Echinoderm Tree of Life.