Berichte des Institutes für Geologie und Paläontologie der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz/Austria

Band 6

BOJAR, A.-V., LEIS, A., FRITZ, H., (Hrsg.):
4th Austrian Workshop on Stable Isotopes in Environmental and Earth Sciences.-
Ber. Inst. Geol. Paläont., K.-F.-Univ. Graz, 6, 38 S., Graz, 2002.


Apelt, B., Götz, A. & Russow, R.

Automatic, sensitive determination of the 15N abundance of inorganic N compounds in aqueous samples using the SPINMAS measuring system

Bergs, S.M.M.

Factors controlling the performance of IRMS System

Biasi, C., Wanek, W., Rusalimova, O., Meyer, H., Ranefeld, C., Barsukov, P. & Richter, A.

Temperature effects on delta 13C of soil-respired CO2: an incubation study with arctic soils

Bojar, A.-V., Grigorescu, G., & Csiki, Z.

Climatic record in Maastrichtian continental deposits of Southern Carpathians

Bojar, A.-V., Hiden, H., Fenninger, A. & Neubauer, F.

Middle Miocene seasonal temperature changes in the Styria Basin, Austria, as recorded by the isotopic composition of Pectinide and Brachiopod shells

Brencic, M.

Recharge area of mineral springs in Jezersko area (N. Slovenia)

Dietzel, M. & Kirchhoff, T.

Stable isotope ratios and the evolution of acidulous solutions

Gehre, M.

High temperature pyrolysis a new field for stable isotope analysis

Hertenberger, G., Wanek, W. & Berger, T.W.

d15N in soil profiles of differently managed temperature forest stands

Horacek, M., Joachimiski, M.M. & Buggisch, W.

Untersuchungen der Sauerstoffisotopie von Conodonten aus dem Oberkarbon

Kapelj, S., Biondic, B., Markovic, T. & Biondic, R.

Hydrogeochemical and isotope study of the upper part of the Kupa river drainage area

Knappe, S., Russow, R., Rupp, H., Richter, W. & Meissner, R.

Water and anion transport conversion in highly heterogenous, recultivated open mining fields with very different carbon levels and pH values: multitrace lysimeter studies

Latal, C., Piller, W.E., Harzhauser, M., & Mandic, O.

Stable isotope analyses on Miocene molluscs from the East Alpine region: A proxy for paleoenvironemntal reconstructions

Leis, A.

Use of d15N and d18O isotope ratios to identify sources of nitrate in the unsaturated zone

Mogessie, A., Bojar, A.-V., Kaindl, R., Belete, K.H. & Solomon, T.

Geology, stable isotope and fluid inclusion studies of the serpentinised Kenticha ophiolites, South Eastern Ethiopia

Papesch, W. & Kralik, M.

The Austrian Network for Isotopes in Precipitation (ANIP)

Rabitsch, R. Fritz H.

Isotope geothemometry within the southern Tauern Window

Russow, R., Kupka, H.-J., & Götz, A.

Automatic determination of content and 15Nabundance of total dissolved nitrogen in water samples and soil extracts by Analyser-Mass spectrometer coupling

Schroll, E. & Rantisch, G.

Sulphur isotope distribution at Bleiberg lead-zinc deposit and ist genetic implication

Sharp, Z.D.

New applications of hydrogen isotopes in geo- and biochemistry

Spötl, Ch.

The stable isotopic composition of DIC in karst groundwater: Methodology and applications

Spötl, Ch., Wimmer, M., Offenbacher, K.-H. & Tooth, A.F.

Continous-flow IRMS analysis of carbonates using the Gas Bench II

Stadler, H.

Raingauge with implemented isotope-sampling application

Usdowski, E.

The 13C/12C fraction upon the setting of calcium carbonate mortars

Vreca, P.

Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes as tracers of eutrophication process in mountain lakes