Berichte des Institutes für Erdwissenschaften der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz/Austria

Band 8

BOJAR, A.-V., FRITZ, H., BOJAR, H.-P. (Eds.):
7th Workshop of the European Society for Isotope Research.-
Ber. Inst. Erdwissenschaften, Karl.-Franzens-Universität Graz, Band 8, 172 S., Graz, 2004.


Bernadett Bajnóczi, László Korpás

Stable isotope study in a paleosol horizon of the Quaternary Vár-hegy travertine (Budapest, Hungary)

Petre Berdea, Stela Maria Cuna, Gabriela Balas, C.lin Baciu

Isotopic investigation on the origin of the mineral waters from Someseni, România

Slyveer Bergs, Andreas Hilkert, Dieter Juchelka, Michael Krummen

Introducing a routine LC-IRMS interface
Finnigan LC IsoLink: a completely new concept

Ana-Voica Bojar, Andrea Rieser, Franz Neubauer, Hans-Peter Bojar, Johann Genser, Yongjiang Liu, Xiao-Hong Ge

Anomalous isotopic composition of carbonates from Quaternary evaporitic deposits, Western Qaidam, China: evidence for thermogenic derived methane

Ana-Voica Bojar, Harald Fritz, Stefan Nicolescu, Martin Bregar, Ravi P. Gupta

Quaternary exhumation mechanism of the Central Himalayan, evidence from fission track and (U-Th)/He data

Hans-Peter Bojar, Ana-Voica Bojar,Walter Postl

Genesis of a Na-Ca rich layer near Traföß: evidence from mineralogical and stable isotope data

Karin Bräuer, Knut Hahne

Ammonium in Neoproterozoic and Palaeozoic sediment records a tracer for climate changes?

Silviu Constantin, Ana-Voica Bojar, Joyce Lundberg, Stein-Erik Lauritzen

Holocene and Late Pleistocene climate record of a sub-Mediterranean continental environment, recorded by a stalagmite from Poleva Cave (Southern Carpathians, Romania)

Silviu Constantin, Stein Erik Lauritzen, Joyce Lundberg

New data on the chronology of the Second Termination based on the isotopic study of a stalagmite from Closani Cave (South Carpathians, Romania)

Stela Maria Cuna, Katalin Bartok, Gabriela Balas

Carbon isotopic variations in species of lichens on an altitude gradient in the South Carpathians and Apuseni Mountains, Romania

Luigi Dallai, Gabella Magro, Eleonora Petrucci, Giovanni Ruggeri

Stable isotope and noble gas isotope compositions of inclusion fluids from Larderello geothermal field, Italy

Attila Demény, János Haas, Kinga Hips, Norbert Zajzon

Permian-Triassic boundary events in continuous marine successions in Hungary

István Fórizs, László Kuti, Tibor Tóth

Isotope hydrological study of soil salinization in a sodic grassland on the Hortobágy, Hungary

Harald Fritz, Helene Tirk, Ana-Voica Bojar, Jürgen Loizenbauer

Contrasting origin of fluids during Late Cretaceous deformation, Eastern Alps, Austria: evidence from stable isotopes, fluid inclusions and microfabrics

István Futó, Éva Svingor, Zsuzsanna Szántó, Mihály Molnár, László Palcsu, László Rinyu

Isotope Investigations of thermal waters in the Pannonian Basin, (SE) Hungary

Benny Geypens, Katrin Russe, Staf Valkiers, Michael Berglund

Comparison of total uncertainty in off-line dual inlet and online continuous flow IRMS measurement of 13C in organic solids

Maciej Górka, Mariusz Orion J.drysek

C and S isotope variations in solid atmospheric particles and sulfate in precipitations in Wroclaw (SW Poland).

Anna Gryczko, Mariusz Orion J.drysek

The influence of oil-derived substances on groundwater in the light of isotopic analyses of carbon, oxygen and sulphur

Vasyl M. Guliy, Vasyl M. Zagnitko

Isotopic composition of carbonates from Precambrian apatite-carbonate rocks

Stanisaw Haas, Jarosaw Nowak

A new type electromagnet controller for isotope ratio mass-spectrometer (IRMS)

Gábor Jancsó

Deuterium Isotope Effect on the Molar Volume of Aqueous Solutions of 3-methylpyridine

Mariusz Orion Jedrysek

The origin of S and O isotope ratios in lakewater sulphate

Dimitri Kaljo, Antanas Brazauskas, Donatas Kaminskas, Tõnu Martma, Petras Musteikis

The Ludfordian carbon isotope excursion in the Vidukle core, Lithuania, its relations with the Lau Oceanic Event and environmental background in NW Baltica

Adam Kaluzny, Mariusz Orion Jedrysek

An estimation of isotope mass balance of biogeochemical sulphur cycle in forest regions

Sanja Kapelj, Željka Brki., Tamara Markovi., Ozren Larva

Using environmental isotopes to estimate recharge area of the Zagreb aquifer

Sándor Kele, Attila Demény, László Korpás, Péter Kovács-Pálffy, Miklós Lantos

Stable isotope geochemical and petrographic studies on travertines from Tata, Porhanyó-Quarry (Hungary)

Sándor Kele, Zoltán Siklósy, Attila Demény

Depositional facies and stable isotope geochemistry of some Hungarian travertine occurrences

Barbara Kosendar, Martin Dietzel, Albrecht Leis, Bettina Wiegand,Bernhard Schrettle, Karl Stingl, Ralf Benischke

Geochemical and isotopic composition of historical mortar and plaster in Styria, Austria

Ines Krajcar Broni, Nada Horvatinci, Jadranka Baresi, Bogomil Obeli, Polona Vreca, Sonja Vidic

Tritium and stable isotope variations in precipitation of Croatia and Slovenia

Julia Lee-Thorp

Contributions from stable light isotopes to understanding the dietary ecology of early hominins in southern Africa

A. Leis, R. Benischke

Comparison of different stable hydrogen isotope-ratio measurement techniques for tracer studies with deuterated water in the unsaturated zone and in groundwater.

Edyta Lokas, Kazimierz Klimek, Adam Kotarba, Przemyslaw Wachniew, Beata Ostachowicz

Sediments of lakes, ponds and floodplains as archives of environmental changes using 210Pb

Antonio Longinelli, Renzo Lenaz, Carlo Ori, Enrico Selmo, Federico Giglio

Carbon isotopic composition of atmospheric CO2: contaminated and non-contaminated areas

Antonio Longinelli, Renzo Lenaz, Carlo Ori, Enrico Selmo, Federico Giglio

The Antarctic Circumpolar Current: occasional or seasonal source of isotopically light CO2?

Fred J. Longstaffe1, Avner Ayalon, Michael Bird, David Harper, Roxane Fagan, Shaoneng He, Li Huang, Kim Law, Richard Léveillé, Jennifer McKay, P. Middlestead, Barb Tilley, Frédéric Vitali, Moire Wadleigh, Elizabeth Webb, Karen Ziegler

Tracking Fluids, Climate and Crystal Chemistry using the Stable Isotope Compositions of Clays

Mihály Molnár, László Palcsu, István Futó, Zsuzsanna Szántó, László Rinyu

Isotope Hydrological Study of the Pasnyag Karstic Spring

Adam Mydlowski, Mariusz Orion Jdrysek

3D modelling of isotope ratios in geological bodies

Franz Neubauer, Andrea Rieser, Yongjiang Liu, Johann Genser, Ana-Voica Bojar, Gertrude Friedl, Xiao-Hong Ge

The Qaidam basin in Western China: monitoring Himalayan-Tibetan tectonics and climate evolution

Bogomil Obeli, Zeljko Pekovi, Jadranka Baresi, Ines Krajcar Broni, Ante Milosevi

Dating of the Old Bridge in Mostar

Jesper Olsen, Jan Heinemeier

Performance of the Aarhus IsoPrime Mass Spectrometer

Jesper Olsen, Inger Seierstad, Jan Heinemeier

Memory Effects in Continuous Flow Hydrogen Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis on Water Samples

Bogdan Petroniu Onac, Iosif Viehmann, Joyce Lundberg, Stein-Erik Lauritzen, Chris Stringer, Vasile Popi

Uranium series dating of the Neanderthal footprint at Vârtop Cave, Romania

László Palcsu, Éva Svingor, Zsuzsanna Szántó, István Futó, Mihály Molnár, László Rinyu, Róbert Rozinai, Zoltán Dezs

Isotopic Composition of Precipitation in Hungary in the Last Three Years

Natalia Piotrowska, Stanislaw Halas, Roman Chlebowski

Radiocarbon dating of some mineral relics of a ship cargo and their carbon isotope geochemistry

Erich Schroll

Role of sulfur isotopes to classify geochemically Pb-Zn mineralisation

Barbara Sensula, Tatjana Böttger, Jacek Pawlyta, Anna Pazdur, Natalia Piotrowska

14C, 13C and 18O isotopes in the recent plants of Wigry Lake

Zachary D. Sharp, Henri Masson, Raffaele Lucchini

Stable isotope geochemistry of quartz veins from the SW Alps:
Evidence of higher paleoaltitudes and of rapid cooling by meteoric water infiltration

Zoltán Siklósy, Attila Demény, Csaba Szabó, Kamilla Gálné Sólymos, László Korpás

Petrologic and stable isotopic studies on the Upper Crataceous travertine cone and red calcites (Vértes-Mts., Hungary) ­ Evidence for magmatic fluid influence

Grzegorz Skrzypek, Mariusz Orion Jdrysek

Altitude carbon isotopic effect in peat-forming plants (Sphagnum Sp., Politrychum Sp.).

Hermann Stadler, Paul Skritek

Networking of a Rain-gauge with integrated isotope-sampling device and a spring monitoring station with automated event-sampling

Susanne Stadler, Karsten Osenbrück, Kay Knöller, Thomas Himmelsbach, Axel Suckow, Stephan, M. Weise

Origin of nitrate in groundwaters of Kalahari, Botswana

Zsuzsanna Szántó, Éva Svingor, István Futó, László Rinyu, László Palcsu, Mihály Molnár

The Tisza-project ­ challenges and perspectives

Janina Szaran, Andrzej Dudziak, Andrzej Trembaczowski, Halina Niezgoda, Stanislaw Halas

Diurnal variations of 13C and concentration of atmospheric and soil carbon dioxide in a meadow site

Malgorzata Szczepanek, Mariusz Fogtman, Sylwia Korput, Anna Pazdur, Stanislaw Halas, Marek Krpiec

13C in -cellulose from oak latewood 1631-1765 AD

Anna Szynkiewicz, Marta Kurasiewicz, Mariusz Orion Jdrysek

Changes of methanogenic pathways in freshwater sediments ­ an incubation experiment

Tudor Tma, Bogdan Petroniu Onac, Ana-Voica Bojar

Lateglacial ­ Middle Holocene stable isotope records in two coeval stalagmites from Bihor Mountains, NW Romania

Rolf Trettin, Gerhard Strauch, Karsten Osenbrück, Kay Knöller, Hans Reinhard Gläser, Stephan M. Weise

Tracing anthropogenic effects on the urban water system using stable isotopes

Torsten W. Vennemann, Sonja Angloher

Flow paths, mixing processes and exchange reactions in organic contaminated groundwaters of industrial sites: insights from the H and O stable isotope composition of water and that of dissolved organic and inorganic C

Przemyslaw Wachniew, Piotr Maloszewski, Piotr Czupryski

Tracer tests with artificial tritium to derive hydraulic properties of constructed wetlands.

Michael Wagreich, Stephanie Neuhuber, Ana-Voica Bojar

Strontium isotope stratigraphy and oxygen and carbon isotopes in Upper Cretaceous sections of the Eastern Alps

Dariusz Strapoc, Jürgen Schieber

Carbon isotope charactersitics of iron-oxidizing bacterial mats, Jackson Creec, Bloomington, IN, USA.