Berichte des Institutes für Erdwissenschaften der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz/Austria



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Band 11

BOJAR, A.-V., DIETZEL, M., FRITZ, H., LEIS, A. (Hrsg):
7th Austrian Stable isotope user group meeting.  –
Ber. Inst. Erdwissenschaften, K.-F.-Univ. Graz, Band 11, 50 Seiten, Graz, 2006
ISSN 1608-8166


Ana-Voica Bojar, Franz Ottner, Dan Grigorescu, Hans-Peter Bojar

Environmental signals in palaeosols: mineralogical and stable isotope evidence

Stela Cuna, Elise Pendall, John B. Miller, Pieter P. Tans, Ed Dlugokencky

Study of the sources of methane from Delta-Danube Black-Sea Region, using stable isotopes

Stela Cuna, Nicolae Palibroda, Gabriela Balas

Study of the authenticity and regional origin of Romanian wines using Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

Martin Dietzel, Thomas Rinder, Albrecht Leis, Stephan Köhler, Dietmar Klammer, Peter Reichl

13C/12C and 18O/16O Signatures of calcite sinter in alkaline drainage solutions – Proxy for precipitation mechanisms

Nikolaus Gussone

Controls of calcium isotope fractionation in biogenic and inorganic calcium carbonate

Barbara Kosednar-Legenstein, Martin Dietzel, Albrecht Leis, Bettina Wiegand, Karl Stingl, Miriam Baumgartner

Historical Carbonate Mortar and Plaster - Isotopic and Chemical Signatures

Martin Kralik, Franko Humer, Johanna Nurmi-Legat, Andrea Hanus-Illnar, Johannes Grath, Michael Mirtl, Maria-Theresia Grabner, Stan Halas & Monika Jelenc

Impact of transboundary air pollution on sensitive karst water resources by means of N-, O-, Pb-, S- and Sr-isotopes

Hjalmar Laudon, Jan Seibert, Stephan Köhler, Kevin Bishop

Hydrological flow paths during snowmelt: Congruence between hydrometric measurements and oxygen18 meltwater, soil water and runoff

Stephanie Neuhuber, Michael Wagreich, Christoph Spötl

Constraining sedimentation rates in the Cretaceous of the Eastern Alps by carbon isotope stratigraphy

M. Perini, F. Camin, G. Flaim, F. Corradini, A. Tonon, G. Versini

Application of δ18O water analysis in the study of hydrological renewal in some Alpine Lakes

Dieter Rank, Wolfgang Papesch, Florian Wieselthaler

The use of isotope measurements for the separation of discharge components at a karst spring during hydrological events

Mudis Šalkauskas

Stable isotope production in Russia

Jianwu Tang, Stephan Köhler, Martin Dietzel, Albrecht Leis

Experimental Crystallization of CaCO3 Polymorphs for Sr2+/Ca2+ and 44Ca/40Ca Fractionation

Polona Vreca, Albrecht Leis, Zdenka Trkov, Stojan Žigon, Sabine Lindbichler

Comparison of monthly and daily isotopic composition of precipitation in south-western Slovenia

Wolfgang Wanek, Andreas Richter

Analysis of carbon isotope composition of plant carbohydrates